Uses For A Portable Hand Crank Emergency Radio

People equip their homes with necessities every day; furniture, appliances, accessories; but what they often fail to consider is a crucial item called a portable hand crank emergency radio. When an emergency strikes, it could be impossible to have contact with the outside world and information that could be vital may be missed.

It is odd that individuals remember to buy bandages and aspirin in case of illness, but not the emergency equipment that can help them to survive a disaster situation. Every year, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes and other natural disaster situations cause immense damage to homes and buildings while people are trapped inside. When there is no way to communicate with those individuals, their entrapment can seem hopeless and as though the world has forgotten about them. When people lose hope, they stand a greater opportunity to lose their lives.

This fact should prompt everyone, homeowner or renter, to run out and purchase a portable hand crank emergency radio so that should the need arise, they will have the power they need. Many models feature not only shortwave capabilities to provide radio reception that will give them reach to the outside world, but also provides ample power for operating a flashlight that is included with the unit. Most of these emergency radios contain an internal generator that is activated through a series of hand cranks. Turning the crank, for example, at a rate of 2 revolutions per second for a period of 90 seconds will supply sufficient power to start the unit and keep it going strong for at least an hour. To recharge, additional cranks lasting less than a minute will keep the power in force.

One might imagine that such a unit would be large and unyielding; however, most of these portable hand crank emergency radio units weigh around one pound. Compact in size, they are also great inclusions for camping gear and extensive travel in the car or heavy duty truck. Great reception is provided on both AM and FM frequencies, allowing the individual to hear weather or other updates that may relate to their particular situation.

Being caught in an emergency situation can be a traumatic experience; being caught with no emergency equipment such as a portable hand crank emergency radio can be disastrous. Providing a source of light as well as contact with the outside world, these units can mean the world of hope to someone who is a victim of nature.