Uses For A Portable Hand Crank Emergency Radio

People equip their homes with necessities every day; furniture, appliances, accessories; but what they often fail to consider is a crucial item called a portable hand crank emergency radio. When an emergency strikes, it could be impossible to have contact with the outside world and information that could be vital may be missed.

It is odd that individuals remember to buy bandages and aspirin in case of illness, but not the emergency equipment that can help them to survive a disaster situation. Every year, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes and other natural disaster situations cause immense damage to homes and buildings while people are trapped inside. When there is no way to communicate with those individuals, their entrapment can seem hopeless and as though the world has forgotten about them. When people lose hope, they stand a greater opportunity to lose their lives.

This fact should prompt everyone, homeowner or renter, to run out and purchase a portable hand crank emergency radio so that should the need arise, they will have the power they need. Many models feature not only shortwave capabilities to provide radio reception that will give them reach to the outside world, but also provides ample power for operating a flashlight that is included with the unit. Most of these emergency radios contain an internal generator that is activated through a series of hand cranks. Turning the crank, for example, at a rate of 2 revolutions per second for a period of 90 seconds will supply sufficient power to start the unit and keep it going strong for at least an hour. To recharge, additional cranks lasting less than a minute will keep the power in force.

One might imagine that such a unit would be large and unyielding; however, most of these portable hand crank emergency radio units weigh around one pound. Compact in size, they are also great inclusions for camping gear and extensive travel in the car or heavy duty truck. Great reception is provided on both AM and FM frequencies, allowing the individual to hear weather or other updates that may relate to their particular situation.

Being caught in an emergency situation can be a traumatic experience; being caught with no emergency equipment such as a portable hand crank emergency radio can be disastrous. Providing a source of light as well as contact with the outside world, these units can mean the world of hope to someone who is a victim of nature.

Top Waterproof Radio for Beach or Boating

When planning and packing for a day of water activities, be sure to remember to take along a waterproof radio. For beach or boating, this is one item that will prove to be useful in many different ways.

One of the best choices in waterproof radios is the Jensen radio JHD910 – waterproof mini AM/FM/WB/Stereo with Aux-in ATV/UTV. Fully portable at only 5 3/16 inches wide and 3 3/8 high, the diminutive size makes it a snap to pack and carry for the beach; yet the mountable L-bracket that is included also makes it ideal for taking along on any type of boat. The open air brightness experienced at either location renders most readable displays useless, but this not the case with the Jensen radio. A wide viewing angle features a daylight readable function to provide ease in viewing the large display area for the current time, station selection or frequency settings.

Enhanced listening pleasure has never been easier than with the Jensen mini. A wide variety of choices are available; select your favorite AM/FM station using the electronic tuner, or simply plug in your own iPod or MP3 player to the auxiliary front panel. A complete kit can be purchased that includes 3.5” mini wedge speakers to further improve audio output.

Being near the water means higher humidity and often incidental water spray that can be the downfall of other radios, but the sealed in the design of the Jensen JHD910 mini provides a waterproof feature that is 100% effective. This sealed design is also valuable in repelling dirt (handy on a sandy beach) and UV rays.

Bad weather can pop up quickly over the open waters; interrupting a great time and possibly endangering the safety of those on the boat and beach. The 7 channel NOAA weather band tuner provided in the Jensen is further evidence of this being the top waterproof radio for beach or boating activities. Presetting the radio to automatically switch to weather band mode any time that a NOAA weather warning is broadcast will alert the beachgoer or boater to impending weather changes that could create a dangerous situation; giving them the opportunity to head toward a protective location to “weather” out the storm safely.

Spending time at the beach can be quite entertaining on its own, as can cruising along in a boat. Spending a full day at either, though, may require a little bit of variety.





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The 3 Highest Rated Portable HD Radio Brands

In the fast paced world of communication technology, there are 3 highest rated portable HD radio brands that stand out as the best choices. For those who may find the continuum of ever changing devices confusing, having the guidance of others who have already tried, tested and rated the performances of different brands can be invaluable.

What is HD radio?

Radios labeled as “high definition” are those which receive HD radio signals that are able to present a clarity that is comparable to the sound and quality of listening to CD’s. It enables analog devices to receive digital signals and brings a wider range of choices without any subscription fees. Not to be confused with high definition television, it does exhibit similar features such as surround sound and enhanced capabilities. Because of these improved characteristics, there has been mounting interest and demand for HD portable radios; resulting in many manufacturers seeking to place their brand on the marketplace. Certain brands have excelled in their efforts, and as result became some of the highest rated brands available.

JVC KTHDPK1 transportable HD radio receiver makes bringing HD into your life a breeze. Easily transportable from home, car, and office with kits, the JVC can accompany its owner anywhere. Wireless remote control functions can help to move through the multicast channels from HD to FM to AM from anywhere in the car or home. An easily readable LCD display helps to see which artist is playing and the station that is playing (if the station allows).

iLuv iHD171 HD radio with iTunes Tagging for iPod, iPhone, and iPhone 3G/3G S; a model that helps music, news, and sports programming go with you wherever you may go by using a variety of different media. It’s clear, bright display is easily readable at a glance, and the digital stereo with multicast options can be freely accessed by the numerous presets available. One touch iTune tagging provides a whole new dimension of radio listening by tagging an old classic or a new favorite so that it can be purchased later.

Sony XDR-S10HDiP HD radio with dock for iPod/iPhone makes it easy to transfer your favorite tunes or recharge the devices. Compatible with several iPod and iPhone models, the docking station has a built in digital multicast tuner. The alarm clock offers the options of waking to the radio, a buzzer, a line in source or your iPod.

There are numerous choices waiting for the individual seeking an HD radio. Allowing the experiences of those have tried and tested different models only to narrow the field down to the top 3 highest rated HD portable radio brands can make the new shopper’s decision making the process so much easier.




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Portable Sports Radio for Baseball Fans

Baseball fans faithfully follow their teams from game to game; maybe not in person, but by using a portable sports radio. Because of their full devotion to the game, the sports radio of choice must deliver clear and continuous sound so that not a moment of the action is missed.

Sadly for baseball enthusiasts, few people can afford to personally witness each and every game played in a season. The fact they are not sitting in the stands does not mean that those games will be missed, however. When possible, these fans can be found sitting on the edge of their seats in the living room, cheering on their favorite team while watching the game on television. When games are not televised, it is time to bring out the Sony Sports Radio Walkman SRF-50.

The great thing about the Sony Walkman is in its size. A mere 3.7 inches tall and 2.5 inches wide, this little mini fits conveniently in pockets while the listener walks, rakes the yard, mows the grass or simply rocks in the hammock. At only 3 ounces, there is no handicap in toting this small radio anywhere you go. Don’t let the diminutive size give the impression of being small in quality, however; loud and clear are the sounds that will be delivered directly to the listener’s ear through the use of the included headphones. In addition, a feature called the local/distant switch provides optimal reception of any stations, near and far. In fact, consumers who have purchased and used the Sony sports radio have commented that it has been able to pick up radio stations that no other portable they’ve owned has been able to access.

Thanks to a single “AA” battery, the Sony portable sports radio will take the baseball fan through the entire game with no fading or interruption. An easy to use tuning knob provides the means of flipping through stations to find the one that carries the sports broadcast, bringing the play by play action to the listener’s ears in stereo sound.

Probably the most unbelievable fact about the Sony Walkman is its price. Ranging between $10 and $14, this small portable might very offer the biggest deal in portable radios. Not a single consumer offering feedback on the Sony could find anything negative to say about the price or the quality; an unusual fact among product views.

Combined, the great price, excellent sound, easy mobility and overall quality helps to make the Sony sports radio Walkman SRF-50 slide into home as the best portable sports radio for baseball fans.




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5 Portable Clock Radios Designed to Survive the Morning Toss!

Morning comes much too soon, especially on a work or school day; choosing one of these 5 portable clock radios designed to survive the morning toss can be the very tool needed to get you where you need to be on time.

Sony ICF CD3iPSIL CD clock radio

It is always a bonus when a necessary item in the home can do double duty, and this portable clock radio does that in style. A space saving design provides a compact form for the clock radio while also offering a hidden dock station for your iPhone or iPod MP3. The separate dual wake up times can allow your sleeping partner to have their own alarm, or give you the second opportunity for a little more shut eye. The large LCD window provides easy reading of the time, even when through a partially opened eyelid.

Timex® Travel Alarm Clock Radio

Not everyone is able to wake up in their own bed every morning; travel is often a requirement of the job. Regardless of which bed you sleep in, you still need to wake up on time in the morning. Rather than putting your faith in the questionable dependability of the alarm clock on the hotel nightstand, pack this handy and reliable alarm clock. Simply unfold it and place it on the bed stand to use, then fold it up and toss it in your travel bag to go home.

Sangean RCR-22 Clock radio

Though small in size, this clock radio is huge in quality. A unique feature of the Sangean is that it is an atomic clock; connecting to the atomic clock in Boulder, Colorado to obtain, and continually synchronize the most accurate time. A gentler form of alarm begins with a low beep, gradually increasing in volume to rouse the sleeper slowly. It can also be programmed to alarm on certain days of the week with a simple preset. It holds its memory for an hour, protection against power outages. In addition, you can connect your iPod and listen to your favorite tunes as you drift into sleep.

SDI iHome iP9BR Clock radio

Numerous features make the SDI a great clock radio. The versatility of alarm sets utilizing your iPod playlist allows different music to be played at different times on different days. The remote control enables you to flip through your AM/FM presents to find the station you want without even leaving the comforts of your bed. Dock your iPhone as well; this model is designed to block GSM buzz. Programmable snooze settings lets you get in a few extra winks.

Coby – Dual-Alarm Clock Radio with Dock for Apple® iPod®

Stylish yet unobtrusive, the Coby is ideal for either desks or nightstands. Docking for your iPod is above the brightly lit 2” LED display. Integrated full range speakers, dual alarms, sleep timers and the added benefit of charging your iPod while you sleep make this model a great choice.

Not everyone is an easy riser, but when clock radios can be as versatile as these, it does make the getting up just that little bit easier.




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