5 Portable Clock Radios Designed to Survive the Morning Toss!

Morning comes much too soon, especially on a work or school day; choosing one of these 5 portable clock radios designed to survive the morning toss can be the very tool needed to get you where you need to be on time.

Sony ICF CD3iPSIL CD clock radio

It is always a bonus when a necessary item in the home can do double duty, and this portable clock radio does that in style. A space saving design provides a compact form for the clock radio while also offering a hidden dock station for your iPhone or iPod MP3. The separate dual wake up times can allow your sleeping partner to have their own alarm, or give you the second opportunity for a little more shut eye. The large LCD window provides easy reading of the time, even when through a partially opened eyelid.

Timex® Travel Alarm Clock Radio

Not everyone is able to wake up in their own bed every morning; travel is often a requirement of the job. Regardless of which bed you sleep in, you still need to wake up on time in the morning. Rather than putting your faith in the questionable dependability of the alarm clock on the hotel nightstand, pack this handy and reliable alarm clock. Simply unfold it and place it on the bed stand to use, then fold it up and toss it in your travel bag to go home.

Sangean RCR-22 Clock radio

Though small in size, this clock radio is huge in quality. A unique feature of the Sangean is that it is an atomic clock; connecting to the atomic clock in Boulder, Colorado to obtain, and continually synchronize the most accurate time. A gentler form of alarm begins with a low beep, gradually increasing in volume to rouse the sleeper slowly. It can also be programmed to alarm on certain days of the week with a simple preset. It holds its memory for an hour, protection against power outages. In addition, you can connect your iPod and listen to your favorite tunes as you drift into sleep.

SDI iHome iP9BR Clock radio

Numerous features make the SDI a great clock radio. The versatility of alarm sets utilizing your iPod playlist allows different music to be played at different times on different days. The remote control enables you to flip through your AM/FM presents to find the station you want without even leaving the comforts of your bed. Dock your iPhone as well; this model is designed to block GSM buzz. Programmable snooze settings lets you get in a few extra winks.

Coby – Dual-Alarm Clock Radio with Dock for Apple® iPod®

Stylish yet unobtrusive, the Coby is ideal for either desks or nightstands. Docking for your iPod is above the brightly lit 2” LED display. Integrated full range speakers, dual alarms, sleep timers and the added benefit of charging your iPod while you sleep make this model a great choice.

Not everyone is an easy riser, but when clock radios can be as versatile as these, it does make the getting up just that little bit easier.




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