The 3 Highest Rated Portable HD Radio Brands

In the fast paced world of communication technology, there are 3 highest rated portable HD radio brands that stand out as the best choices. For those who may find the continuum of ever changing devices confusing, having the guidance of others who have already tried, tested and rated the performances of different brands can be invaluable.

What is HD radio?

Radios labeled as “high definition” are those which receive HD radio signals that are able to present a clarity that is comparable to the sound and quality of listening to CD’s. It enables analog devices to receive digital signals and brings a wider range of choices without any subscription fees. Not to be confused with high definition television, it does exhibit similar features such as surround sound and enhanced capabilities. Because of these improved characteristics, there has been mounting interest and demand for HD portable radios; resulting in many manufacturers seeking to place their brand on the marketplace. Certain brands have excelled in their efforts, and as result became some of the highest rated brands available.

JVC KTHDPK1 transportable HD radio receiver makes bringing HD into your life a breeze. Easily transportable from home, car, and office with kits, the JVC can accompany its owner anywhere. Wireless remote control functions can help to move through the multicast channels from HD to FM to AM from anywhere in the car or home. An easily readable LCD display helps to see which artist is playing and the station that is playing (if the station allows).

iLuv iHD171 HD radio with iTunes Tagging for iPod, iPhone, and iPhone 3G/3G S; a model that helps music, news, and sports programming go with you wherever you may go by using a variety of different media. It’s clear, bright display is easily readable at a glance, and the digital stereo with multicast options can be freely accessed by the numerous presets available. One touch iTune tagging provides a whole new dimension of radio listening by tagging an old classic or a new favorite so that it can be purchased later.

Sony XDR-S10HDiP HD radio with dock for iPod/iPhone makes it easy to transfer your favorite tunes or recharge the devices. Compatible with several iPod and iPhone models, the docking station has a built in digital multicast tuner. The alarm clock offers the options of waking to the radio, a buzzer, a line in source or your iPod.

There are numerous choices waiting for the individual seeking an HD radio. Allowing the experiences of those have tried and tested different models only to narrow the field down to the top 3 highest rated HD portable radio brands can make the new shopper’s decision making the process so much easier.




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